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5 Best url shortners to Shorten Long URL’s & Track Links

After long time !!

I’m back with another great post ! So today I will be share 5 best  url Shortners websites to shorten long URLs , and also you can track your url ,

Like you can track how many people’s click on your url , how many impression , where are from they clicked, and much more…

Before viewing list of some url shortners websites , let’s see some benefits of using it …

Benefits of using a short url

As we know , when we  share long links on whatsapp,youtube,facebook instagram etc.

Then some of our friends don’t like long url and also they don’t click on long URLs cause they thought it’s can be a scam !!!

So using a short urls its good for any person who loves to make money Online ,

If you? Then comment ,

Here is some great benefits of using shortened links

  • You can create custom branded URLs with link shortners
  • Shorter URLs are easier to read, type, and remember to the any person on the internet.
  • You can track engagement with your links using a URL shortener and make improvements to your website,blog,store,channle etc.
  • Users typically trust branded URLs over the long and possibly spam-filled URLs
  • Branded short links receive up to 39% more clicks than normal links

So now you had some reasons to use short links.

So here is 5 best url shortners to shorten your links

5 best url shortners to shorten long links


5 best url shortners
Credit : bitly

Bitly is a great platform to creating shorten links. It’s great benefits is that you no need to have an account to create a shorten link, you cab basically go on site , paste your longer url and boom!! You have shorted an url , you no need to login on this site.

If you want to know analytics of your url than you have to create an account on it.

That’s why it’s become one of the Best url Shortners 

With Bitly, you can monitor link clicks, click locations, and even top referrers.a nd much more. Each link you create with Bitly is encrypted with HTTPS to safeguard against third-party tampering. In other words, your  audience will never have to worry that your short links have been hacked or else.


Credit : polr

It’s great choice if you want free Best url Shortners its free for lifetime. It’s no has any pricing plans like bitly. And it’s an open source project , if means if know programming languages like javascript,php than it can very helpful for you.

Its best for developers,  with this you can also make your own url Shortners website , you can host your own url Shortners site…

So that’s why I added in our Best url Shortners list..


Best url Shortners
Credit : rebrandly

Rebrandly is best url Shortners. It also allows the editing of already created links, which is not something offered by every shortening tool. It can provide 1000 short links to new users. After you have to purchase their plans..

But it has more attractive features than other url Shortners. So if you have some money to spend and your bussiness is growing up than you had to go for this…


Best url Shortners
Credit :

I added it in 4th in my list. Cause it’s great features, it’s url shortner and also a way that you can make money from it.

It can pay you when you shorten each url. Your earning depend on how much users click on your shorted links. It can help to monetize your Blog/website,youtube channel, facbook page etc. 

So that’s why I added it in our Best url shortners list.

Best url Shortners
Credit :

In the last we are added it’s a best url shortner for freebie , it’s a product of hootsuite project . Google also advises it as an alternative for

As you know is a best free url shortner but its closed now, so the is free forever, but if you need to shorten only url you have to sign up for the hootsuite site then you have to go for url shortner.



In the last I’m telling to you , choosing Best url shortners is not hard. There are many url Shortners available on internet. But in this post I included best of best url Shortners, so if you want best url shortners than you can choose any of these , mentioned above.

So I hope you liked my post , then please share it too…

And if you know any good url Shortners then these 5 ? Please show us by doing a comment .

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