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How to compress image size without losing quality

Hey there I’m writing this post cause many people’s want to know How to compress image size ? im right? And we all know image optimization is the one of the great tactics for Seo.

First of all we have to know that why we should compress an image?

Why we should compress image

So guys when we write an post we have to add an featured Image . Then if you are running a tutorial blog then you have to use many images to show the tutorial like Screenshots etc.

And when you use larger images (grater the 100kb) your page load speed is decrease to 5-7 seconds cause your are using many images and high size images too so your page loading speed is going to be slow.

So that’s the main reason for why you should to compress an image.

When I’m visit someone’s blogs and then I see theirs images size are so large ( approx 300kb) then I realized why theirs page are slowdown. And take more time to load .

As you know image optimization is also important if you want more organic traffic cause when you use an optimized image then google index it in their images pages. So you can also get traffic from their.

But I highly recommend you don’t use any copyrighted images cause it’s riskful. And it’s decrease your organic traffic.

So today in this post I’m gonna to share you two ways to How to compress image size with your smartphone and an online tool. Because when you use small size image in your blog posts then your page speed is increase by some points. And it’s give you a benefit to rank higher on Google.

With this method you can compress any image to 400kb to 40kb yes! It’s can possible so read this post line by line to gain better information about how you can compress any image with your phone and pc.

How to compress image size

So in this post I’m sharing 2 methods to doing this task. The first one is using your smartphone and the 2nd one is using a website or an online tool. So first we gonna to do this task using a smartphone.

1. Using smartphone

So now I’m telling you how you can compress any image with your smartphone. So first you need to install a little app called QReduce Lite it can be found on playstore for free of cost! After installing the app follow below steps!

Step 1 : First download the app from playstore (click on this link to download)

Step 2 : After installing the app . Open it and you can see the screen like below


How to compress image size

Step 3 : After you have to click on choose photo button. Then you have to add a photo you want to compress. After this you can see the screen like below.

How to compress image size

Step 4 : Now you choosen a image . Then you have to enter amount how much kb do you want to compress your image? In my case I entered 100kb , you can also see my image size is 300kb . After this you have to click on Start button and you will see the screen like below.


How to compress image size

Now you clearly see in red font that my image has compressed to 94 kb!! Without losing any quality so then the image automatically saved in your device..

So this is how you can compress image size in your smartphone . Let’s take look at how you can do the same thing using an online tool or a website..

2. Using a online tool

So in this method we are going to use an online tool or you can also call it a website.

So let’s take a look to the steps

Step 1 : First you have to visit this website ( Simply copy this url)

How to compress image size

Step 2 : It hase two versions the first is paid and 2nd is free.. so you have to click on Try free web interface . Then you will see the interface like below.

How to compress image size

Step 3 : there are you will see many options to compress an image. Let me explain all the options

A) You can see the choose optimization mode . So if you want little bit lower quality image then select the lossy option . But if you want to high quality the select lossless option .

B) Now you have to click on Drop your files here. Then select an image you want to to compress. The you will see the download button of your compressed image. And you can download it from their.

Boom!! you have compressed an image with online tool.


So guys there are many websites and apps exists to compress an image size.but in this post I included the 2 best method that I use my own.

So if you search on Google about Image comparison tools , you will see tons of website that provide the future you called image compression . And if you ever used such great free tool for image compression then comment down about the tool.

So our blog readers also get information about that tool. But in my case I have tried many apps but QReduce lite is great app for image compression so I included that.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Show your support by sharing this post and leaving a great comment. And if you have doubts then do a comment I will try to solve your doubts.


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