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How to learn any programming language fast

Learning new programming language is not easy . But you if you can do your best and use some tips then you can learn any programming language faster ..

I’m also a programmer too. When i started learning programming it’s to hard for me. Cause I don’t have any proper guidance, how to get into programming? How to start leaning it ? What to do ? Etc.

After all its take to 1-2 years to learn my first programming language that is C . Yeah! It’s my first programming language.

I’m also know after this you will think. ( Suraj is dumb! He don’t know how to learn programming) Cause he takes 2 years to learn C.
But my friend it’s not a long time . Cause when I started learning to code i was in 9th grade. So maintain my studies and doing coding together, its too difficult .

So I given some tips that you can use to learn any programming faster then before…

1. Set a goal

There are many programming languages exists in the world . And each programming language is different then another and they also have different type of use. So first thing is that you have to choose otherwise decide your goal.
If you don’t set your goal and started learning many programming languages at same time. Then you will definitely confuse to learn any of these languages.

Setting a goal is not a difficult task. You have to choose a language that better for you , like if you want to learn app development then you have to learn first java. Therefore you may learn android studio .

And if you want to learn web development then there are many languages exist !! I’m not include html cause html is not a programming language.

So first step is set your goal. And the important thing is that keep attached with the language you want to learn , because I know many of people’s are give up when they find any difficulties in learning new programming language.

2. Self learning

Self learning is a great way to learning new programming language. you have to motivate your self for leaning any particular programming language. Most of successful programmers are self taught , like they choose any programming language like java,python,swift etc. Then start learning about some basics and fundamental about any language.

And they will use some ebooks or documentation to learn any programming language. More then 86% of programmers taught themselves programming.

So it’s good way to start learing new programming language.

I’m also self taught programmer. I use some websites and ebooks to learn programming. I’m post this topic in my next post ,

3. Clear fundamentals

Many of people’s do this mistake when they start learning any programming language. They don’t focus on fundamentals. The try to finish the fundamentals quickly as possible . Therefore they dive into practical coding.
And most of people’s skip the fundamentals.

But in my case you have to clear fundamentals first. Cause when you will create some troubles and you don’t have enough knowledge about fundamentals so you need to go back . Cause you have skipped basics .

So I highly recommend that don’t skip fundamental of any programming language.

4. Code on paper

It means before running any code you have to write it on a paper. This habit is known to improve logical thinking and good for leaning any programming language easily. It’s best way to learn programmimg faster.
Cause when you write your code in paper then you will also thought about what is the output can come after ringing that

And many IT companies ask in their interviews. Like problem solving on board.

5. Learn on daily basis

Make your learning process active daily. Do every day code. Do not use some tutorial when you find troubles try to solve them yourself.
When you learn any topic like arrays,function, etc. Try to do some practice.

Likemake your own code on based on arrays etc. After this you have idea that how any function and arrays work. If you will give this up and dont try your own. After some days you will forgot these type of concepts.

So do practice every day and stay continuous learning.

6. Repeat concepts(practice)

When I was learning my first programming language. I was learning some topics after them i didn’t clear concepts my own. That’s why after some weeks i forgot the syntax and other things in Programming.

So I personally tell you !! Do practice after each topic like you have learned if-else statements in any Programming language then you have to practice on this topic . Like making some own code ad possible. When you try out doing own coding you got some problems , and that trick!!!

Yeah , when you got any errors you have to solve them your own . And solving any errors it’s good for any programmer.

So literally do practice everyday…


Many times people’s spend many hours to solving any small errors , cause he didn’t cleared fundamentals! And it can affect on your mind and you have choose to give up..

When you feel like this type of problem then sit back and rest for sometime… Cause when you are in truoble our mind do some things that easy for us..

So when you got this you will ready to learn to code…faster

I hope it’s helpful for you , if yes then comment below and if not! Then comment down your doubt’s i will definitely try to clear your all doubt’s.
Stay tuned…


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