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Top 3 Passive income ideas for making huge amount of money

Hey there do you want to earn money while sleeping on the bad?

If your answer is yes then read this post to start to end. So now days (Lockdown days) there are all type of business going to down and maybe many of business closing.

So that’s why I started writing this post Top 3 passive income ideas for every persons who want to make some money from scratch.

In this post i shared some best sources for making passive income without any costs! But you need to invest your time & work. Cause any successful income come from successful business ideas .

First we have to know What is the passive income?

What is the passive income

Passive income means  earnings that require little to no effort on the part of the person receiving them , like you can make money while you sleep. Sound good? But it’s not easy you think. It’s take some time to make an passive income source and a stream.

You need to patience for it . So that’s why I picked best fo passive income sources for any people’s if you are a student,jobber , creator , etc.

So lets se some of best Passive income ideas that can be make you a millionaire (I’m just kidding) you can make upto 200$/month if you work better from starting on your passive income source.

Passive income ideas

Before getting started i will tell you one thing. You need some time to make your fortune passive income. In beginning you have to work hard. After you generate some income then you can slow down your work. And you got continuously income from below sources.


1. Make instagram business page

Yes , you can make money from instagram passively! Insagram is biggest social media platform now days. Insagram has 1 billion+ active users per month . 500 millions storys watched by users and peoples like 500 billions post per day..

In fact many business owners and compney are started promoting their business on Instagram. Through facebook ads and get lots of customers from insagram.

And now your turn. You can also make passive income from insagram individual.

What you need to make money from insagram?

You need a insagram business page. After you create an page then you need som followers who trust on you..

Now question is which type of page you should to create? There are many niches to create.

If you create your personal page like for photography page . Then you have to upload some good pics on insagram and when you got some enough followes ( like 10K) then some companies like who sell cloths,watches,women accessoires etc.

They give you money when you promote their product on your page. You can charge upto 50$/post if you hase huge amount of followers.

There are many celebrities who charge high amount per post.

And if you don’t have intrest in photography, modeling etc.

So you can also create Memes pages on Instagram. And in this niche you have to share only some funny stuffs like videos and pics. And you got huge amount of followers their. Cause entertainment is on of the biggest category for money making.

When you got enough follower than you can promote another accounts on your page and charge per post. For who want to promote their page on your page. So can also get money from these type of pages. And you van also make money from sponsored posts too..

And if you are a blogger or content creator like me. Then you can also make a page on Instagram . Then you can also share some tips and tricks on your page. Then you got enough follower who trust on you then you can also sell your digital products to them. And earn money from its.

And there are many niches on Instagram that can pay you lots of money. So thats why I decided to add it on 1st on my Passive income ideas list.

2. Ebook writing

If you want passive income while you sleep it’s a great way for doing this.

But in this way you need to work hard and spend too much time to writing a best selling ebook. You need to work hours of hours for making a ebook and you need to high knowledge on wiring .

But when you complete your ebook then you can earn by selling your book on Amazon or any online books site.

And if you are a content creator then you can also sell your ebook to your audience like your blog readers, youtube subscribers,insagram followers etc.

And if you want to make a small tutorial ebook then you can also do it by giving some extra knowledge or information vie your ebook. Like Affiliate marketing ebook, Seo tutorials etc. think again if you make an good ebook and sell it on Amazon , so every sell you got money and you can also set your own price to your ebook and earn money while you sleep.

Think again if your ebook price is 10$ then every sell you got 10$ and image your book is become best selling book on Instagram and you got 1000 Ebook sells per month then  your earning is huge!! I’m right .

But in this way you need some patients and teaching skills then you can make a best selling ebook on the internet and earn money when any person purchase your book….

3. Start online store

Yes you can also make money by creating your own online store. It’s not too hard as writing an ebook.

You can use some great tools or websites to make your own online store like shopify,woo commerce etc. You can promote any e-commerce site products to your site and earn commission.

And if you want to earn more then you can go for dropshiping you can start a dropshiping store. Like you can make a online store and import products form any big e-commerce sites.

And peoples purchase products from your site and the big e-commerce websites ship Product for you to your consumer. And you can also set your own price per product.

You no more need to earn some commission. In dropshiping you can set the own price margins and earn lots of money by selling products .

But it’s difficult to grow your online store cause getting organic traffic from Google it’s too difficult. So you need to promote your online store though ads. You have to spend some money to make a successful e-commerce site.

And there are many sites can do it for you. Like product research or keyword research etc.

So if you want make money while you sleep then it’s great choice for you. But at starting you need to grow and make your store popular then you got some sells and people’s purchase products from you…



So guys that it!

In this post i shared top 3 Passive income ideas that can make money while you sleep. And the end of post I’m gonna to tell you that there are many ways to make passive income but in this post i shared only few ways that can every persons afford and work for it.

So if you has more ideas the comment below.

And if you want more posts like this one. Then share it .


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