What is git and github : Definition of git and github

You don’t know what is git and github !

What is git and github

Take it easy , so today in this post I’m gonna to share you some basic information about git and github .

So let’s take a look , you are developing an app or a website . We know that creating a website or an app is not easy . Cause we have to manage multiple files or code .

We have to create a separate folder for storing files,images,assests etc. Like index.php is main file in any website. After this we create many files in different languages like header.php , footer.php

But what if you complated a website and you published is on server. Then you realized that your website not working perfectly it has some bugs. 

And now you have to change codes and multiple lines and it’s very difficult. Because you have to go to multiple files and you have to check where is the problem?

And it’s not good for an developer. So The solution of this type problem is a Version Control System . 

What is Version Control System

Yeah there are many tools available to manage your files and codes, and the git is one of them.

VCS track your files and manage them.

Example : You have changed some line of code in any particular file. Now the VCS track this action that you have changed something in this file. And when you find some bug after changing code you don’t have to goto same file and change the lines.

Simple you can tell the VCS that , Restore my files and The VCS Restore that file and boom ! You don’t have to remove lines your own. The VCS done it for you.

The main work of VCS is the manege files. And track them.

We all know that all apps have their versions like v1.0 etc. When developer add some new features to the app then he update the app and change version to v1.0.1 etc.

Whenever he find some bugs he can go to v1.0 any time! Using VCS . So he don’t have to change files and codes to back. The VCS do it by simple command.

So now you have knowledge about what is VCS and how it’s work. Or if you want more information about VCS then comment it..

So let’s see What is git and github ?

So now you have brief information about Git (Git is a tool to track files and merge files)


What is the github?

Github is a online Version control system . It’s work like same as Git but the difference between git & github is ! That you can do everything with files . Like tracking,megring,commit etc.

On github you can find open source projects , and you can also work for them.

Github allow you to host your local files on server. You van host you git files on github. And when you will make your files visibly to public then other developers can also work with your files / projects they can add some features, tips , solve some bugs etc.

In github we call these files Git Repository 

GitHub’s huge community of 12 million+ members can ”favorite” repositories they like, make comments, monitor and subscribe to different authors and repositories for updates or simply make a copy of somebody else’s content (code) and start working  together their own changes and improvements to them.


Now you have better knowledge about What is git and github 

Lets take a look at some features about Git and Github 

Github Features/Commands

#1 : – Repository

Repository is a folder on github. Like we have folders on GoogleDrive etc. Repository store every single files and track them as we know Git also do the same thing.

#2 : – Branch

A branch is a opposite version of a repository.

It is contained within the repository, but does not affect the primary or master branch allowing you to work freely without disrupting the “live” version.

The benefits about ‘branches’ is that you can merge it back into the master branch when you’re ready to publish your changes.

#3 : – Commit

When other developers done their work on any particular file. When they want to merge them in orignal files. We call it commit files.

Lets take a look at GitHub sentences about Commit

“an individual change to a file (or set of files). It’s like when you save a file, except with Git, every time you save it creates a unique ID (a.k.a. the “SHA” or “hash”) that allows you to keep record of what changes were made when and by who. Commits usually contain a commit message which is a brief description of what changes were made.” –


#4 : – Fork

Fork is our personal copy from someone else Repository. That can store in github account.

With fork you can freely make changes to a project without affecting the original project, you can do anything on forked file and you can also learn from someone’s else code or files.

A forked project also  attached to the original, allowing you to submit a pull request to the original’s author to update with your changes, ensuring you’re always working off a recent or up-to-date codebase.

So I hope you learned What is git and github 

So these are some common features of github. If you want to learn programming then I wrote a post How to learn any programming language fast

In this post I shared some best tips to learn any programming language fast.


So that’s it. These are some main fetures about github . If you want to know more about github fetures then comment below. I can write a separate post about that.

So now it’s your turn. Share this post and start your work on Git / Github I wish you make something unique.

If you are a web developer then I highly recommend you to use VCS for your files . Cause making an online projects it’s bit harder to track code your own.

With git you can do these type of things easily and it’s free of cost. There over 12M + users on github like developers, startups , product based companies etc. Now it’s your time to do some thing big.



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